4. Monday 5th September

On Monday afternoon the auction continued, and Bob Tucker got to auction off items from his collection

Bob Tucker, Doc Barrett

Don Ford

The rest of the day was taken up with business meetings, fan group presentations and the like, so here are a selection of random photos from Ted's trip album of people not featured on earlier pages:

George O. Smith, Dr. Chas Winters

Ned McKeown, E.E. Evans

Daryl Richardson

Lloyd Eshbach, Forry Ackerman

As related in the Fred Patten report, Ted played a part in the closing of the convention: "To close the convention, Ted Carnell called for the entire Con Committee to assemble on stage and take a bow. Only one member failed to respond: Don Ford, "Mr. Cinvention" himself. He was discovered at the rear of the room, stretched across five chairs, sound asleep."

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