3. Sunday 4th September

As on Saturday, the con proper started around 1pm, and the entire afternoon session was taken up by the auction. Erle Korshak led this, aided by Don Ford and Bea Mahaffey.

Dave McInnes, Erle Korshak, Charles R. Tanner, Don Ford

Erle Korshak, Harry B. Moore

Sam Moskowitz, Bob Tucker, James V. Taurasi

After the auction, a group of pros decamped to a TV studio for a round table as part of Dave Kyle's PR campaign, the first time an SF con had ever featured on TV. Ted Carnell was one of the pros, and when they returned to the hotel the first and main item of the evening was Ted's Fan Guest of Honour speech.

Ted Carnell gives FGoH speech

There were various bits of business after this, and the evening's programme concluded with a panel discussion, "Why Science Fiction," moderated by E.E. Evans, and featuring Lloyd Eshbach, Fritz Leiber, Milton Rothman, and Judith Merril.

Lloyd Eshbach, Fritz Leiber, E.E. Evans (hidden), Judith Merril, Milton Rothman

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