5. Chicago and Indian Lake

"The committee did not get to visit with Ted because we were busy running the con. Afterwards, Ted went through Chicago on business, then was back with Doc at his cottage up at Indian Lake the next weekend. Doc invited the con committee up there for a chance to visit with Ted, and that was so much fun, we decided we should do it some more. So the following spring was the first Midwestcon, and they've been going on every year since."
- Roy Lavender in MIMOSA #16 (1994, ed. Nicki and Richard Lynch)

There are only three photos in Ted's album that were obviously taken in Chicago, none of which are either particularly good or interesting, so those below are all from the gathering at Doc Barrett's cottage over the weekend of 10th/11th September 1949:

Don Ford, Ted Carnell

unknown, Bea Mahaffey, unknown, Dave McInnes, Charles R. Tanner

Rear: Lou Tabakow, Bea Mahaffey, Charles Tanner, Charles Smith. Front: Jerry Barrett, Fred Rothfus, Carnell

Stan Skirvin, Bea Mahaffey, Roy Lavender

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