2. Saturday 3rd September: Evening

Jack Williamson opened Saturday's evening session with a speech titled "Science and Science Fiction".

Jack Williamson, E.E. Smith

Vincent T. Hamblin - substituting for the honeymooning Theodore Sturgeon - then gave an off-the-cuff anecdotal speech titled "Alley Oop Is The Man I'd Like To Be!".

Vincent T. Hamblin

Between speakers, Charles R. Tanner read out the telegram of greetings from London fans to Ted Carnell. This was followed by the final speaker, E.E. 'Doc' Smith taking the podium.

E.E. 'Doc' Smith

This was not, however, the final item. Dave Kyle had brought a model with him from New York, Lois Jean Miles, and had her dress as "Miss Science Fiction" in order to drum up interest among the local press as part of a PR campaign he was launching on behalf of science fiction. Not everyone thought the photo session the best way of accomplishing this, however.

Lois Jean Miles aka "Miss Science Fiction"

Ted Carnell

This ended the afternoon session, after which fans would have gone out to dinner and otherwise socialised prior to the start of the evening session. There were two big parties that evening. The photo below is from one of them, the Shasta party.

Oswald Train far left, Charles Tanner at rear with tie.

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