From 1961 to 1967 the Science Fiction Club of London kept a Visitor's Book which visiting non-members were required to sign when attending their regular meetings and other official events. This is now a fascinating historical document in its own right and includes some surprising names. The idea of SF pros of the calibre of those listed showing up at the meeting of almost any fan group these days is pretty much unheard of and demonstrates just how much the field has changed since the 1960s.

Some may wonder why Jim Groves appears as a visitor in later entries given that he was a founder member of SFCoL and latterly its Chairman. As revealed in the minutes of the 1965 AGM, Groves had secured a job in the US and had resigned from SFCoL prior to emigrating. Unfortunately various problems arose which delayed his departure for several months, hence his continuing to attend meetings as a now non-member. Following his eventual departure to America, Groves does not appear to have ever been heard of in fandom again.

To open the book, click on the cover. Alternately, click on links below. Clicking on each page will call up a larger image if required. I've listed the names below each image to the best of my ability but would be happy to hear from anyone with corrections or who recognises signatures I was unable to decipher and so listed as 'unreadable'. Hopefully, all the unreadables will eventually be identified.

1 May 61 - 19 July 61
15 Oct 61 - 26 May 62
15 June 62 - 29 Sep 62
6 Oct 62 - 24 Jan 65
10 Feb 65 - 13 Mar 66
13 Mar 66 - 8 May 66
8 May 66 - 10 July 66
10 Sep 66 - 13 Nov 66
13 Nov 66 - 8 Jan 67
8 Jan 67 - 12 Mar 67