The Annual General Meeting was held on 12th Dec. 1965 at Courage House. This meeting was held early in accordance with the wishes of the membership, due to the resignation of the Secretary J.Groves, who is leaving for America.

At the meeting the following positions were filled:
Chairman: Ethel Lindsay
Treasurer: Ian Peters
Secretary: Keith Otter.

It was agreed that the Chairman would help with secretarial work by being responsible for the notification of meetings.

It was agreed to sponsor a series of open meetings. These will be held in a hired hall. The first is to be held on January 9th. 88 invitations were sent out to people in London and surrounbding areas. The first speaker will be John Brunner. These meetings will commence at 4pm. Members have agreed to meet at 3pm for any preparatory work. E.Parker is in charge of catering.

The first meeting will be held in the hall of Wm Dunbar House.
The next SFCoL meeting will be held at the home of Ian Peters, 292 Southend Lane, SE6.
Membership fees for 1966 are due at this meeting which is on 30th January.
Current Membership
Ethel Lindsay
Ian Peters
Keith Otter
Betty Peters
Ella Parker
Ted Forsyth
Peter Mabey
Desmond Squire
Arthur Thomson
Lang Jones
Hon. Members
Archie Mercer
Ron Bennett
Sid Birchby
Norman and Ina Shorrock
Eric Jones
James Groves
Walt Willis
Out of Town Member
Brian Burgess

The first open meeting:
From SKYRACK 88 (February 1966) ed. Ron Bennett:

THE SCIENCE FICTION CLUB OF LONDON held its Annual General Meeting at Courage House, Surbiton, on 12th December when Ethel Lindsay was elected Chairman. Ian Peters is the new Treasurer and Keith Otter Secretary. The Club agreed to sponsor a series of open meetings, the first of which has since been held, on Sunday 9th January in the Dunbar House Hall, West Kilburn. Some 25 people turned up to hear guest speaker John Brunner on "The Fiction in Science Fiction," a talk which was immediately snapped up by Michael Moorcock for New Worlds. The next meeting is at 4pm, Sunday, 13th February, when Frank Arnold will speak on "Characterisation in SF," and the following meeting will be on 13th March, also at 4pm. A charge of 2/6d will be requested to help with the cost of rent and refreshments. Suggestions for future meetings will be heartily welcomed, as of course will be any would-be attendees. I'm asked to mention that fans who intend going along to either of the two forthcoming Meetings would help greatly if they could notify Ethel Lindsay, Courage House, 6 Langley Avenue, Surbiton, Surrey, though of course this should not preclude the attendance of anyone who finds himself at a loose end at the last moment; just take the Bakerloo, Watford Line tube to Queen's Park Station, turn right, cross the bridge and William Dunbar House, Albert Road, is some three and a half inches along on your left. The hall is on the ground floor.