At the 1960 Eastercon (UK National Convention), held that year in London, preparation had clearly gone into some costumes while other were pretty ad hoc. Importantly, since everyone is on a stage in this photo this would appear to be the first non-Worldcon UK convention at which the Fancy Dress was an actual event rather than a part of a Liverpool Group party:

Then there was the 1960 Worldcon, photos by James O'Meara from Earl Kemp albums :

Earl Kemp

Sylvia White

At the 1961 Eastercon there was a joust, hence the medieval costumes, that involved enthusiastic swordfights using wooden swords but with no quarter given. Surprisingly, few serious injuries resulted from this:

unknown, Bob Parkinson, Ina Shorrock, Ted Forsyth

Dave Barber, Ina Shorrock, Ethel Lindsay, Ken Slater

Ina in 'Firebird' costume

unknown jousters, Bobbie (Wild) Grey

At the 1963 Eastercon - held that year in Peterborough - they decided to take the fancy dress out onto the streets to the evident bemusement of the locals. That's Charles Partington in the striped costume, others unknown. All photos are by Terry Jeeves:

In 1965 the Worldcon came to London for the second time. Photos by Peter Mabey:

Ethel Lindsay


a red martian family


Here's a link to a gallery of more Masquerade photos on the part of this site devoted to the 1965 Worldcon:

That's the end of the 1960s photos I have. When I came into UK fandom in the mid-1970s I started taking my own photos. Looking back over those now four decades worth of pictures, almost none of them show costumes since I rarely went to the masquerade. In 1984 I attended the Worldcon in Anaheim, Los Angeles. While the Masquerade was on I was in Disneyland. There are however two photos from the 1970s I'd like to mention here because this little photo essay has been about charting the development of costuming and in their different ways these continue that development. The first is from the 1979 Worldcon in Brighton, England:

This is a friend in costume as Avluela from Robert Silverberg's NIGHTWINGS, specifically the image of Avluela on the cover of the contemporary UK edition, also shown. And, yes, the photo is used here with my friend's permission though without her name attached because this is the Internet. Although the photo doesn't show this, the wings were as long as those depicted on the cover, which meant a couple of attendants were required to support them. I really should have taken a longer shot. I'm not sure how much earlier you could have got away with such a costume - or if you'd want to chance it at some much more recent conventions given reports of the harassment female cosplayers have been encountering.

Ctein, Avedon Carol, Steve Johnson (photo Mike Meara)

The second image, taken at the 1977 Worldcon Masquerade, depicts the 'Slave Boys of Gor' and was done with obvious political/satirical intent. Costuming critiquing particular works of SF was pretty new back then. However, the satiric intent may have been lost on several guys who sidled up to Avedon after the Masquerade, hinting at their interest in S&M. So it goes.

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