KENNETH W. GATLAND (1924-1997)

In RELAPSE #16, editor Peter Weston commented:

The name of Kenneth Gatland stands out because like Clarke he went on to become President of the BIS and a recognised authority on spaceflight. At the time of the 1944 Eastercon he had already started on his career:

"In 1941 K W Gatland & H N Pantlin formed the Astronautical Development Society. This was an outgrowth of the Hawker Model Flying Club, and the two founder-members worked at that time as junior draughtsmen at Hawker Aircraft in Kingston-upon-Thames. Soon, Gatland and Pantlin...had built a small rocket test stand and for the next two years developed tiny solid-propellant motors for model aircraft and developed a ducted motor which used ingested air to supplement the exhaust gases."

- from 'THE ROCKET - the history and development of rocket & missile technology' by David Baker, 1978.

I did a bit of googling and put together the following bibliography of books by Kenneth Gatland. I make no claims as to how complete it might be:
  • Development of the Guided Missile (1952)
  • Space Travel - coauthor Anthony M. Kunesch (1953)
  • Project Satellite (1958)
  • Spaceflight Technology: Proceedings - as editor (1959)
  • Astronautics in the Sixties - a survey of current technology and future development (1962)
  • Spacecraft and Boosters - the first comprehensive analysis of more than one-hundred U.S. and Soviet space launchings, (1962)
  • Materials in Space Technology - coeditor G.V.E. Thompson (1963)
  • Spaceflight Today - published in conjunction with the BIS (1963)
  • Telecommunication Satellites : theory, practice, ground stations, satellites, economics - as editor (1964)
  • Robot Explorers (1972)
  • The Frontiers of Knowledge - with contributions by Derek D. Dempster; and a foreword by Patrick Moore (1974)
  • Missiles and Rockets (1975)
  • Star Travel: transport & technology into the 21st century - coauthor David Jefferis (1979)
  • The Usborne book of the Future : a trip in time to the year 2000 and beyond - coauthor David Jefferis (1979)
  • Robots: Science & Medicine into the 21st Century - coauthor David Jefferis (1979)
  • Future Cities: homes & living into the 21st century - coauthor David Jefferis (1979)
  • The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Space Technology (1981)
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