Chairwoman E.A.Parker,
151 Canterbury Road,
West Kilburn,
London, N.W.6.
Secretary J.A.Groves,
29 Lathom Road,
East Ham,
London, E.6.


The meeting was held on the 3rd of January 1960 at Inchmery, 236 Queens Road, New Cross, London,S.E.14.
The following were present: -
A.V.Clarke P.Enever G.Locke I.Potter H.P.Sanderson
J.K.Clarke J.A.Groves E.A.Parker K.Potter A.Thomson
An agenda was circulated but was not strictly adhered to so the minutes are set out as the meeting actually occured.

Circulated agenda.
The meeting is on the 3rd of January 1960 at Inchmery.

  1. Reading of minutes of 4th meeting 6/12/59.
  2. Submission of a report on the year's activities by the Chairwoman
  3. The club's accounts audited by a member other than the Treasurer.
  4. Election of officials.
  5. Forthcoming projects : -
    1. Acquisition of a club-room.
    2. Convention activities.
    3. The publication of a club Combozine.
  6. Any other business.
note- the quotes in these minutes are not verbatim but do contain the substance of what was said, also only the main statements are credited although all members contributed to the discussion.

E.Parker opened the meeting by extending a welcome to P.Enever on his first visit to the club.
The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. The report on the year's activities by the Chairwoman: -
E.Parker "Apart from the formation of the club very little has been done. However one point I should like to make is that we tend to keep passing items on to be decided at the next meeting and this is not a good thing." The members replied to the effect that this could be rectified by the Chairwoman.
E.Parker then read the letter sent to Miss Sandra Hall (the convention secretary about the convention) and the reply.

Dear Sandra

I an writing to you as the BSFA convention organiser. On behalf of the SFCL I would like to apply for display space in the Con hall ie. wall-space and room for a table. We could also provide a short item for the programme if required (probably a tape).

yours sincerely

The answer received was as follows:-

page 2:
Dear Jim

received your letter dated Christmas day. Many thanks for same. Certainly the SFCL can have display space in the Con. hall though as for tables, stands, etc.,this depends on what is available a display all the time or just for one day or evening? The programme at the moment is still in a fluid state but, if anything it is overfull. Should any item have to be scrapped I will be the first person to scream for a tape from the SFCL. Will let you know for certain nearer the time.

yours sincerely

H.P.Sanderson "That's no use".
E.Parker "She will probably ask for a tape when it is too late".
H.P.Sanderson "If they don't want it now they cannot have it at all."
E.Parker "We had better restrict ourselves to producing a display and a Combozine. This Combozine should consist of at least two pages of original material from each member."
A.V.Clarke "Should the Combozine have any particular slant or trend?"

It was decided that the material should be such as to appeal to both Fans and Readers.

G.Locke "All the stencils should be cut on the same machine".
E.Parker "The cost of paper and stencils should not come from the club funds. I will provide those myself and make a gift of them to the club."

This offer was much appreciated by the members.

J. Clarke "By selling the 'zine at 1/- per copy we could cover any cost."
E.Parker "Any money gained' by the 'zine goes to the club funds."
J.Groves "We could have a whip round to raise the money."

It was finally decided that E.Parker should purchase the material but that any members who wished could help to pay for it. It was decided that two pages of material was the minimum from each member, and that the circulation would be limited to Con. attendees and certain others who could not attend.

E.Parker "Honorary members will get free copies as will contributors."
A.V. Clarke "Could we ask honorary members to contribute?"
J.Groves "I am against asking, as it would appear as if we brought them in because we need their talent."
A.V.Clarke "We could phrase the minutes to the effect that any such contributions will be gratefully accepted but that there is no compulsion.

G.Locke "Who will edit?"
A. Thomson "Ella."
E. Parker "But this is a club effort."
H.P.Sanderson "Club editing will not work, we must appoint someone..."
E.Parker "I suggest that the new Chairman should only contribute an editorial and do the editing."
E.Parker "As I was saying not much has been done this year apart from fetching Paul Enever to a meeting, which in itself is a worthy effort..."

The club's accounts.
As the auditor agreed upon (D.Buckmaster) was not present the accounts were presented by the Treasurer.

page 3:
Receipts                   £    s    d      Expenditure.                  £    s    d 
    23/10/59 Memberships   3   10    -          23/10/59 Food & Drink     -   11    -
             Attendance    1    2    -           1/11/59 Food & Drink     -   14    5
     1/11/59 Attendance    1    5    -          20/11/59 Food & Drink     -    2    9
    20/11/59 Attendance    1    4    -           6/12/59 Food & Drink     -   12    6 1/2 
             Library       -    1    6          20/12/59 F & D (Party)    8    -    - 1/2
     6/12/59 Attendance    1   10    -          balance carried forward   7    5    6
             Library       -    3    9                                   _____________
    20/12/59 Party Fund    8    5    -                                   17    6    3
             Auction       -    5    -
                          17    6    3
E.Parker "Do we think that we have enough in the funds to go and search for a clubroom?"
The general opinion was that we had.
The point was made that we should have to meet more often in order to finance the club if we got such a clubroom.
A.V.Clarke mentioned that the recently revived magazine "John o' London" was running a literary question and answer column. He suggested that the club should offer to answer any questions on fantasy or sf in order to gain publicity.
It was suggested that we could start the ball rolling by sending in a question ourselves and then answering it in the name of the club. George Locke was delegated to think up a question of a suitably obscure nature.

Election of officials.
Chairman- A.Thomson proposed E.Parker, seconded by J.Clarke. Passed unanimously.
Secretary- J.Clarke proposed J.Groves, seconded by H.P.Sanderson. Passed unanimously.
At this point A.Thomson pointed out that the jobs of secretary and of publicity officer were closely connected and that the question of who does what should be settled. A.V. Clarke pointed out that in the next few months the difference would become clearer when the club would be publicising itself much more.
Treasurer- P.Enever proposed H.P.Sanderson, J.Clarke seconded. Passed unanimously.
J.Clarke proposed that the post of Auditor should be left vacant for the time being. Accepted.
Publicity Officer - H.P.Sanderson proposed J. Clarke, J.Groves seconded. Passed unanimously.

A.V. Clarke "I should like to return to the subject of the Combozine as I did not think that it was wound up in a satisfactory manner."
E.Parker "That was due to the fact that I noticed that we were taking the items on the agenda in the wrong order."

The Clubroom.
The question of the search was then raised.The suggestion was that we should spend one Saturday afternoon searching the chosen area (around Waterloo station).
A.Thomson "We could base ourselves in a cafe and venture out in small parties to search."
It was decided that on Saturday the 9th of January we would do this. We decided to meet outside Waterloo station at 2.30 pm.
The requirements for the room were that it be fairly large, have gas or electricity, and running water.

page 4:
E.Parker suggested that the club library remain at Inchmery and not be kept in the clubroom.
At this point the hour for the meeting expired and an extension of an hour was voted for and obtained.

The Combozine.
A deadline was set for material to reach the editor E.Parker by the 27th of February.
The possibility of having a coloured cover was discussed and it was decided to leave the decision on this to be settled between A.Thomson (who would do the cover) and H.P.Sanderson who would procure the paper. A.V.Clarke drew attention to the fact that those members with typers with pica type should produce 3 pages since the 'zine would be cut in elite.
A.Thomson "What type of material do we want, since we would be selling to the reader members of the BSFA it could not be all fannish material, it must be some of each."
Then followed a general discussion on the material.
On the subject of the convention it was decided not to produce a tape. The meeting then closed.

J.A.Groves. HON.SEC.

The Press Release:
From SKYRACK 13 (February 1960) ed. Ron Bennett:

PRESS RELEASE ; SCIENCE FICTION CLUB OF LONDON. The 1st Annual General Meeting of the Science Fiction Club of London was held at Inchmery at 5pm on Sunday January 3rd, 1960: The main items on the agenda were the acquiring of club premises: the election of officers - all previous officers were confirmed in their positions: the discussion about a display for the Easter Convention and the production of a combozine for distribution at that Convention. The Combozine will contain new items by all members of the club and will be approximately 30-40 pages in length. Contents will comprise, amongst others, Fan-Bems by Atom, George Locke on certain aspects of book collecting, articles by Paul Enever, Vince Clarke, Ken & Irene Potter, Sandy Sanderson, etc. It will be edited by Ella Parker and will be slanted to be of interest to all types of fan and not solely the ‘fandom’ fan. The funds of the Club are in a gratifyingly healthy state and, as soon as Club premises have been obtained, the intention is to invite more members to join. A search party covered the Waterloo area on Saturday, 9th January and five possible places were discovered. Further research into the matter is being carried out by Vince Clarke.