The following were invited to become founder members-:-

D & R Buckmaster
A.V & J Clarke
P. Enever
J. Groves
E. Lindsay
G. Locke
E. Parker
K. Potter
A. Thomson
1 Sundridge Close, Dartford, Kent.
'Inchmery', 236 Queens Road, London S.E.14.
97 Pole Hill Road, Hillingdon, Middx.
29 Lathom Road, East Ham, London E.6.
Carolin, Lake Avenue, Rainham, Essex.
Courage House, 6 Langley Avenue, Surbiton. Surrey.
35 Chelsea Gardens, Chelsea Bridge Road, London S.4.
151 Canterbury Road, West Kilburn, London. N.W.6.
c/o 'Inchmery' , 236 Queens Road, London S.E.14.
'Inchmery', 236 Queens Road, New Cross, London S.E.14.
17 Brockham House, Brockham Drive, London S.W.2.


The following were present in person:
D. Buckmaster
R. Buckmaster
G. Locke
J. Clarke
J. Groves
E. Lindsay
E. Parker
A. Thomson
The following were present by proxy: P. Enever: C. Harris

P. Taylor was also present, as an observer only.

The meeting opened at 8.15 p.m., V. Clarke acting as temporary Chairman until after the election of officials. In his introductory speech, he mentioned in passing that all the faneditors in London were present so that, initially, the club emphasised the difference between fanzine fans and those not so inclined. He also mentioned that this state of affairs could not be continued indefinitely. He then read out letters from Paul Enever and Chuck Harris (see file) apologising for not being able to attend and making the points summarised as follows:

P. Enever 1) Delegated E. Parker to exercise his vote.

C. Harris 1) Disapproved of the club's suggested sub-title (Fandomaniacs)
2) Proposed meetings on 2nd Friday and 4th Sunday of months to accommodate himself and Paul Enever.

V. Clarke then suggested that election of officials should be left until the last. This suggestion was accepted. Discussion then ensued on the proposed Constitution.

1. NAME. C. Harris disapproved of the sub-title. The point was discussed and several suggestions made. The final unanimous decisiion was to retain the title "the SCIENCE FICTION CLUB of LONDON" alone.

2. OBJECTS. Passed unanimously as originally proposed.

3. MEMBERSHIP. 1) Passed.
2) Discussion ensued. V. Clarke said that the proposal for membership by invitation only would mean a slow intake of new members. E. Parker pointed out that such a slow intake would ensure compatability of members.

page 2:
Discussion then ensued on the majority necessary in order to admit a new member. No decision was reached.

J. Clarke brought up the point of country, or honorary members, who would pay a reduced subscription and have no vote, but would otherwise share any benefits provided for members. R. Buckmaster explained the blackball system and suggested it as a possible way of voting on new members. The possibility of a probationary period for new members was also discussed. In answer to a question by D. Buckmaster, J. Clarke gave the method of selecting members used by the New York Lunarians, where new members are accepted or rejected by a committee whose members are unknown to the new member. J. Groves mentioned the fact that established fans being considered for membership would be known to all members and so it would be possible to decide on them, whereas a new fan, being unknown, would first be introduced to general fandom before even being considered for membership.

The final decision was to leave the matter open for further discussion.

4. MANAGEMENT. Passed as originally proposed.

5. COMMITTEE. Passed as originally proposed. Election left until last.

6, SUBSCRIPTION. The meeting decided to set the annual subscription at 5/-. and approved the proposed levy of 2/- per member per meeting. J. Clarke suggested the first Annual General Meeting should be held in January 1960 and that a reduced subscription should be paid until then. H.P.Sanderson agreed with the proposed holding of the Annual General Meeting but not with the suggestion for a reduced subscription. The meeting agreed that the Annual General Meeting should be held in January of 1960 and that full subscription should also be paid for the year of 1959.

7. FINANCES. Proposed by A. Thomson, seconded by J. Clarke that expenditure of sums excecding 1, even if the majority of members do not benefit directly from such expenditure, must be agreed to by a majority of the membership.

8. MEETINGS. Taking into account the restrictions on some members, it was decided to hold the meetings on the first Sunday and the third Friday of each month, that on the first Sunday being an an afternoon and evening session. R. Buckmaster proposed that a time limit of one hour should be set to the business part of each meeting. Seconded by J. Clarke, passed unanimously. A.V. Clarke said that an agenda, where available, should be circulated 7 days prior to such meetings. It was agreed to hold the annual general meeting on the first Sunday in January of each year, except where this falls on New Year's Day. These alterations having been made, this item was passed by the membership.

9. SPECIAL BUSINESS MEETING. Passed unchanged.

10. QUORUM AT A GENERAL MEETING. Passed unchanged except for the inclusion of the statement "including proxy votes" after the word "Membership".

11. CHAIRMANS CASTING VOTE. Passed unchanged except to note that the Chairman has an ordinary vote as well as a casting vote.

12. ALTERATION OF THE CONSTITUTION. Passed unchanged except, for the inclusion of the word "voting" before the word "membership",

E. Parker was proposed for Chairwoman by J. Clarke, seconded by A.Thomson. Carried unanimously.

page 3:
J. Clarke proposed H.P. Sanderson as Hon. Treasurer - carried unanimously.
J. Clarke was elected Publicity Officer with the proviso that any sizable publicity releases have to be approved by the club as a whole.
A. Thomson proposed J. Groves as Hon. Secretary - carried unanimously.
The point was made that the meeting was being tape-recorded and that the Minutes need not be a verbatim transcript.
D. Buckmaster was elected as auditor.
The position of one other member of the club on the Committee was not filled.

H.P.Sanderson suggested that club members fanzines should carry notification of their membership. It was decided to leave this to individual choice.

A. Thomson proposed that duplicate copies of all members' fanzines should be donated to the Club Library. This proposal was carried. It was also suggested that an annual fanzine should be issued carrying reprints from members' fanzines together with new material.

E. Lindsay brought up the point of a statement about the club to be issued to fandom at large. J. Clarke then drafted a statement for "Skyrack" on this issue. It was discussed and finally passed.

Other projects discussed were the invention of a science-fictional game for two or more players.

H.P.Sanderson announced that he was intending to purchase a cine camera and projector so that the club would be able to view and make films. He suggested that an introduction to the club and its members should be filmed for showing at the 1960 Anglocon.

There being no further business the meeting adjourned. The next meeting on Sunday, 1st November, at 3.p.m. at Inchmery.