SKYRACK 40 (6 Dec 61):

YOU’RE NOT LOSING A DAUGHTER BUT GAINING A FANCLUB, Jimmy Groves told Bill Temple when on 25th November, Bill’s daughter Anne married BSFA Secretary Joe Patrizio. Fifty people attended the Congregational Church, Wembley. The bride was in white and the four bridesmaids in yellow. Fans present were Ted Forsyth, Jimmy Groves, Ethel Lindsay, Brian Burgess, Fred Parker, Bruce Burn, Alan Rispin, Diane Goulding, Pat Kearney, Betty & Ian Peters, Ken & Irene Potter, Don Geldart, Al Ajax Hoch and of course Joe Patrizio. From Edinburgh came Joe’s parents, brother Michael (The Best Man at 16), brother Victor with wife and son, and Victor’s mother-in-law. Gus Poll, a friend from Joe’s work (Leo Computers) was there and has been inveigled into coming to the next SFCoL meeting.

In church the SFCoL choir was obviously out of practice and Ken Potter reluctantly decided not to overwhelm everyone with his bass profundo, though Victor’s son spent most of the time tuning his voice. Outside the church the photographer spent so long taking pictures that the bride almost froze solid.

After this ordeal guests made their way to a nearby hotel where the assembled multitude filed past the bride and groom to offer condolences and/or congratulations where appropriate. It was soon obvious which were Joe’s friends as they filled the spots at the bar. When everyone was well lubricated the wedding breakfast was served. Champagne followed and Bill Temple began his speech, “Unaccustomed as I am to speaking in public......, however.....”. He said that he was under orders not to say anything as when he opened his mouth he put his foot in it. Disregarding this, however, he sailed gaily on, naturally. He said that Joe combined several of his own interests. Bill had served with an Edinburgh regiment, he liked Italy and hoped to go back again and thirdly there was science fiction. He liked selling science fiction and certainly he likes Scotch (a fact most of us know). In fact, he said, Joe is something like a combination of Rabbie Burns, Michelangelo and William F. Temple. When someone asked further about SF, Bill turned to the SFCoL saying:

“The Science Fiction Group is over there..chained to the table, of course.”

In view of Joe’s job, the best congratulatory telegram read, “May your future programme be well calculated.” Joe made a short speech and then the fans drifted back to the bar. Joe and Anne circulated amongst the guests and Bruce Burn and Ken Potter started an impromptu glee club, helped at times by Fred Parker and Irene.
- (Ted Forsyth)

Ethel Lindsay adds that after the departure of bride and groom for their secret honeymoon in Golders Green, the majority of SFCoL members went off to see "The Day The Earth Caught Fire".

STOP PRESS!! Wandering Ella Parker is back with us. Ella docked early Saturday morning (2nd Dec) in Liverpool and rushed over to Arnot Way to drag the Shorrocks out of bed. She says that she had a restful but near boring voyage across the Pond home, that she wonders who arranged the bad spell of weather for her, that everything looks small and that she thinks our English policemen are wonderful. She’ll be back at 151 Canterbury Rd., West Kilburn, NW 6 very shortly and the suspended Friday meetings at the Penitentiary will be starting up again 15th December. Any BSFA members who live in London or who will be visiting will be welcome to drop in then.


Ella Parker's report on her trip can be read here: