APRIL 1961

Oh, brother, did we ever have a Convention.. This year's was my fourth and the one I've enjoyed best to date. Our sincere and heartfelt thanks to the ConCommittee who worked so hard to make it the success it so assuredly was: Eric Jones, Keith Freeman, Tony Walsh, Bob Parkinson and Ethel Lindsay. I only hope they weren’t all too tired to enjoy the result of their efforts themselves.

((Links to full coverage of 1961 Eastercon below, as well as to individual reports by SFCoL members- Rob))

I have been reminded that I've got one thing wrong. Ina, in fact, won second prize at the dance, Eddie Jones coming first. Eddie had designed all the costumes worn by the Liverpool contingent. I have a very special word of praise for Don Geldart and the work he did on behalf of the SFCL in the matter of a table display at the Con. Don had bought some kits and from them had built a space station and some rockets which he set against a black backcloth in a white frame. Most effective it was too. He has promised us better for next year so Ghod knows what he is planning.

SKYRACK 33 (14 Jun 61):

THE SCIENCE FICTION CLUB OF LONDON CLUB COMBOZINE 1961: Available from Ella Parker (see ORION for address - if you really need it) @ 1/6d, this second annual convention-appearing lengthiest title in British fandom is with us again and is well worth waiting for. If I said that this year’s edition was not quite up to the standard of last year’s I may possibly be understood - or misunderstood - as meaning that the drop in quality is other than relative. This zine is a good one and worthy of adding to anyone’s permanent collection. As most of the SFCoL’s regular in-town members are present this Combozine would have to be a qualitative affair. Judge for yourself with material by Ethel Lindsay, Ken & Irene Potter, Jimmy Groves, Don Geldart, Chris Miller, Joe Patrizio, George Locke, Bruce Burn, Arthur “Atom” Thomson and none other than Paul Enever.

It's well worth a read and can be found online here:

(On Monday, 3rd April) we had a very nice, quick drive back to town arriving at my front door somewhen around 7-30 p.m. which was good going. I put the kettle on to make tea and while waiting for it to boil read a letter from Bill Donaho which was waiting for me. Half way through the letter and just as I'd made the tea (it was a long letter), the bell rang. Arthur Thomson had come along to see how the rest of the Con had gone after he'd had to leave. By now all I wanted was for the ruddy thing to finish completely. That wouldn't be until the group had dispersed to their various homes. Finally, utterly weary and talked out for the timebeing they broke it up and took their leave. I was left with Ron Bennett and Brian Jordan who were staying with me for the next week.