SKYRACK 30 (13th March, 1961)

BSFA Officials for year Easter 1961-62 have lined up as Ina Shorrock (Chairman), Joe Patrizio (Secretary), Ted Forsyth (Treasurer) and Jimmy Groves (Publications Officer). The position of Vice-Chairman is being decided by ballot and rests between Terry Jeeves and Jill Adams.

OMPA Officials for the coming year also look to be settled, though Bruce Burn still has to say yea or nay to being blackmailed into the apa’s work hotspot, the Editorial chair. Ron Bennett will again be Treasurer and for the first time in the apa’s history there will be a non-British official, for Bob Lichtman is to take over as President.

Ted Tubb, Ella's Parker, early 1961 (photo Eric Bentcliffe album)
As this is my final column for you in my capacity as Secretary, it seems like a good idea to do some rehashing; not only of those plans that have come to fruition, but those too, which for some reason, seem never to have got off the ground.

FRIDAY NIGHT IS BSFA NIGHT: This has been one of the more successful plans. So popular have these meetings become it seems incredible that they've only been going since August of last year. Apart from the hard core of regulars who always turn up, such as Ted Forsyth, Jimmy Groves, and Joe Patrizlo, we have collected some newish members who, in their turn, have attended just as faithfully once they were made aware of the meetings or came to live in London. Among those we can count: Roy Sheppard, Patrick Kearney and Harry Atherton. Then too, we occasionally see Mike Raynor, Don Geldart, Arthur (ATom) Thomson, Ethel Lindsay, Paul Andrews, and Ron Bennett (when he's in town). Harry Atherton especially deserves mention. Harry travels all the way from Cambridge every week just for the sake of a few hours in our company.

Someone, Chris Miller, I think, asked that we should appoint a 'note-taker' at these gatherings to let you all know what goes on. Apart from the fact that none of us can do shorthand it would mean that whoever volunteered for the job would be too busy taking notes to join in the talk, and do we TALK! Mostly about SF, but I have heard politics and religion come under discussion as well as films seen and liked or disliked; we swap magazines or buy and sell them if new. Quite often if any of your publications are ready for the duplicator they are run off with the willing assistance of those present. More recently plans have been discussed for attending the Convention at Easter and, of course, we drink lots of tea and coffee. Usually we break up around 11.15 pm. We never know who will turn up unexpectedly nor yet where the conversation will turn, but of one thing we can be sure, it's always interesting.

Ella Parker - VECTOR #11 (Spring 1961)

A get well card for Ted Tubb which, based on the signatures inside, was sent around about this time: