Ella Parker

It is with very real regret that I tell you we are losing Paul Enever. Paul, whose fanzine this used to be, is moving some time this year and being the kind of person who likes to do things the hard way he isn't just moving up the road a bit further or even to another town. No, he is going to another country: Australia. We haven't seen him at our club meetings as often as we would like as he is often too busy working to take even the Sunday off, but we have always known he was there in the background and there was always the chance no matter how remote that he might just make it to any given meeting, but from Australia? I doubt it. Paul. We hate to see you go but as long as you promise not to lose touch with us altogether we'll try not to feel as badly about it as we might otherwise do. Good luck to you and yours in your new life and Bon Voyage.

((It would be a few more months before he and his family actually departed - Rob))

SKYRACK 28 (29 Jan 61):

THE SCIENCE FICTION CLUB OF LONDON had its AGM on Sunday, 15th January at Courage House, Surbiton. Surprise attendee was much admired elder fan and country member Paul Enever, who is emigrating with wife and family in June. Destination is Adelaide, Australia. Paul of course is the old time fan who reappeared on the fan scene in the early fifties after a lengthy spell of gafia. Under his editorship ORION achieved fame in its bimonthly regularity, its lively letter columns and some of the first Atom illos.

Chris Miller, at university in Oxford, has joined the Club.

At the elections for the new Committee, Ethel Lindsay, well known for her work on FEMIZINE and in OMPA, was voted in as Chairman. Ted Forsyth and Jimmy Groves were re-elected Treasurer and Secretary, respectively. Visitors to the meeting were Olive Thomson and former wheels of British fandom Frances Evans and Brian Varley. It is reported that Brian Burgess gained Heather Thomsonís vote of confidence - two year old Heather kissed him!