Gallery 4: The Party at Ella's

Ted Forsyth, who was there and took some of the photos, has confirmed this part took place at Ella Parker's flat after LONCON II. Exactly when is unknown, though the presence of Judith Merril suggests that if she did not take off for Oxford as immediately as Terry Carr claimed she intended to, then this may have been within a couple of days of the con. There's always the possibility it took place after she returned from Oxford, of course, but it seems less likely that the other visitors would still be around then had that been the case.

Judith Merril, Bill Temple (ts)

Fred Parker, Betty Peters (tf)

Ed Meskys, Ted Forsyth (ts)

Fred Parker, Dick Eney (ts)

Sue & Chuck Harris (ts)

Ron Ellik, Lois Lavender, Ethel Lindsay (ts)

Ed Meskys, Ian Peters, Euan Peters (ts)