Originally distributed with FUTURIAN WAR DIGEST #16



No 1...............Dec 1941

A FIDO incision, owned and operated on by Ted Carnell. Dealing primarily with the Street and Smith twins.. Third Dimensional contact: 17 Burwash Road, S.E. 18


Probably our sole claim to fame is in the fact that "SAS" in the first fanzine to be published by a fan on Active Service. (Heh! heh! The plural "our' and subsequently "we" and "us" gives us a great kick). We nearly put "while in captivity" but it wouldn't sound quite right.

The original idea behind this sudden splurge of energy on our part, was that we should take over Don Doughty's TIN TACKS, now that he has departed for naval activities. Right up until the time the dummy for this issue went into the machine (it can go into the fire later), that was our intention. However, due consideration for Don and the fact that TT was run on his ideas, caused us to slightly revise the policy. Herewith then "SAS" which will take the place of TT as a fanzine dealing mainly with the doings of ASTOUNDING and UNKNOWN.

We shall endeavour to bring you interesting items, anecdotes and lies each month, culled from our vast correspondence or lifted bodily from the pages of other fanzines. So long as two sheets are filled, that's all the Editorial Staff is interested in. Contributors and other sources of annoyance, normally wasting Don Doughty's time, are earnestly invited to waste ours as well. Although we cannot guarantee to personally reply to every brickbat and bouquet sent us -- Army leisure being what it is -- we will use all material that will be of interest to readers. Remember -- to win this war we want your scrap -- send us your rusty ideas and help our spaceship fund.


I have always contended that Bob Heinlein is one of the finest literary men in the field. The following extract is but one of the many fine sentences to be found in "Methuselah's Children," which proves our point.

"He (Long), entered the compartment like a man come to judgment. His manner showed fortitude, but not hope. His eyes were unhappy. Lazarus had studied those eyes . . . they bore an expression that Lazarus had seen before several times in his long and varied life. The condemned man who has lost his final appeal; the fully resolved suicide; little furry things exhausted.and defeated in their struggles with the unrelenting steel of traps -- in the eyes of each of these is a single expression, borne of the conviction that his time has run out. It is a gentle expression, but infinitely terrifying to those, the living, who see it in another. Ford's eyes held it."
Anyone want to argue? Step right this way. The American WRITERS' MARKETS AND METHODS for October carried a centre-spread photo of Heinlein, plus a lengthy interview inside.

page 2:

Bob Heinlein, writing from Castle Stonybroke recently says:-

"We had a going-away party for Jack Williamson the other night. He has returned to his ranch in New Mexico. We shall miss him -- we tried in every way to get him to stay. I even offered to turn my studio over to him; but he insisted he needed to get away from the city to get any work done -- there is a lot of truth in that! Hank Kuttner and his wife (C.L.Moore), are returning this week, but have taken a house at Laguna Beach for that reason. Willy Ley will be here most of the month of October."


Of late there has been an increasing number of pseudonyms used in the Twins, especially ASTOUNDING. As usual we cannot reveal them, although many readers may have spotted some of them. "Direct Action," in the November issue, by John Hawkins, smells very, very familiar. Anybody remember who Hawkins was?


Since America started conscripting man-power for the Army, Campbell has lost some of his best artists. The present issues are getting clogged by Kramer and Kolliker -- the Isips seem to have vanished, along with Schneeman. The ghosts of the long-departed Wesso, Dold and Marchioni must be turning in their shrouds.


Since UNKNOWN adopted the large size format, JWC evidently thinks that the same experiment can be used successfully on ASTOUNDING. While, from the reading point of view, a larger percentage of words per issue are used, we still contend that the size is cumbersome and not in the best traditions of Street and Smith. None of the oldtime large mags lasted the pace as such; each eventually reduced their size. FANTASTIC ADVENTURES thought it could create a new interest by being different from the others, and flopped. We still think that Campbell is wrong, and add our small voice to the other 1 ½ % dissentionists.


Departing from the policy of TT, which gave comprehensive reviews of the contents of both S&S twins, this fanzine will give you reviews of those stories not published in the British reprints. Stop us if you've heard this one, but Bob Heinlein's three-part serial "Methuselah's Children," which ran in the July, August and Sept. AST dealt with an earlier branch of the families than those depicted in "Universe," although an entirely separate story. More comprehensive reviews than this will be given in later issue.


Before the Sands of Time run out for this issue, let us add our Seasonal Greetings here to all readers of FIDO. New York in '39; Chicago in '40; Denver in '41; Los Angeles in 42 -- London in 43 -- and why not?.