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Registered Office: 25 Stoke Newington Road London N.16

October 1948


The above company has now been formed and we feel that you would wish to know further details concerning its purpose.

As you are a New Worlds, ceased business in April and the magazine which had shown such promise in its three issues was suspended. New Worlds was, however, developing into a popular magazine both with the wholesale trade and with the reading public; so much so, that with the third issue of which 10,000 copies were printed; over 3000 additional copies could not be supplied to the trade. Given a few more issues it should have sold 15,000 or more copies per issue.

It is for the continuance and development of New Worlds that the above Company has been formed. Other plans are n view once the success of the magazine is assured.

There is a certain percentage of Share Capital available for our friends and should you wish to avail yourself of any Shares will you kindly fill in the enclosed form and mail it with your remittance (made out to "Nova Publications Ltd.") to the above address before October 31st.

The initial Capital of the Company is £800 taken up in £1 Shares, of which a minimum of 5 Shares per Shareholder must be taken.

The following points have been agreed upon by the undermentioned Directors:

  1. The purpose of the Company in its initial stages shall be to publish the magazine New Worlds (the title rights of which are held by John Carnell) as frequently as possible providing sales warrant publication.

  2. All Directors shall be working Directors and for a period to be decided at the first Shareholders Meeting shall draw no Directors fees. Imbursement for that period shall be arranged at a time when the Company is showing a reasonable working profit.

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  1. Edward John Carnell shall be Editor and Walter Gillings Associate Editor and in all editorial matters the editors decisions shall be final.

  2. From an editorial point of view, the best features of the two magazines New Worlds and Fantasy shall, where possible, be combined and the format of the new magazine shall be similar in size to Fantasy, selling at 1/6d per copy.

    The new Company shall honour the existing paid subscriptions to the magazine as a gesture of goodwill to subscribers. (These number about 120).

    No person may become a Shareholder unless he (or she), is an active reader or participant in the promotion of fantasy fiction.

The first issue of the magazine under the new Company is now under consideration and will be produced as soon as possible, taking into account production difficulties.

Yours sincerely;

Directors: John Beynon Harris
Walter Gillings
Eric C. Williams
John Carnell
G. Ken Chapman
Frank A. Cooper (Sec).


The Secretary
25 Stoke Newington Road
L o n d o n N.16


Dear Sirs;
I wish to apply for _____ Shares in your Company at 20/- per Share.

I enclose Order/cheque/cash to the value of £______

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