'Joan Carr' did not exist. She was created as a hoax to be played primarily on the Nor'west Science Fantasy Club (NSFC), who then met regularly in Manchester. Hiding behind that pseudonym was a man - H. P. 'Sandy' Sanderson, who even (with her agreement) used photos of a female cousin to further his subterfuge.

'Joan Carr'

Though initially edited by him, FEMIZINE soon developed a life of its own, becoming a rallying point for female fans in the UK during the 1950s. This was the decade in which women first really began to assert themselves in the hitherto male-dominated SF fandom of these isles. In this context FEMIZINE is a fanzine that is both historically and culturally significant. FEMIZINE ran from 1954 to 1960 and saw fifteen issues in all, plus mini versions bound into a couple of combozines.

Note: As with most fanzines that are many decades old you will occasionally encounter words and attitudes that would be unacceptable today. Decades from now similar warnings may well be considered necessary for today's fanzines as social attitudes continue to evolve.

This is a contemporary gallery of many of those who contributed to 'FEZ':


Sheila Ashworth

Daphne Buckmaster

Pamela Bulmer

Frances Evans (Varley)

Joy Goodwin (Clarke)

Irene Gore (Potter)

Ethel Lindsay

Ella Parker

Dorothy Rattigan

Ina Shorrock

Bobbie Wild (Gray)

Madeleine Willis

OVERSEAS - (US except where noted)

Elinor Busby

Christine Moskowitz

Anne Steul (Germany)

Bjo Wells (Trimble)

Below is a listing of all the issues and these will turn into live links as each is posted online.

Issue 1
Issue 2
Issue 3/4
Issue 5
Issue 6
Issue 7
Issue 8
Issue 9
Issue 10*
Issue 11
Issue 12
Issue 13
Issue 14
Issue 15
Summer 1954
August 1954
December 1954
February 1955
April 1955
Autumn 1955
March 1956
May 1956
September 1958
May 1959
Autumn 1959
Spring 1960
Summer 1960
September 1960
Contributor Index
*called Distaff.
'Joan Carr'(H. P. Sanderson) editor (issues 1-6), Joy Goodwin editor (issue 7), Pamela Bulmer editor (issues 8 & 9), Ethel Lindsay editor (issues 10-15).

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