Here are the photos of Bea there wasn't room for in the report. The first three were taken the morning of Friday 22nd May 1953 in the garden of Eric Frank Russell's Liverpool home, the fourth somewhere in the streets of Liverpool, and the fifth that evening at the White Horse in London. The final two were taken on the same day in the Bonnington (Bea is wearing the same top) though which one is unknown. The Liverpool photos were taken by Norman Shorrock.

With Walt Willis

Reading 'Sex & Sadism in SF'

Laughing with Madeleine Willis

Walt, Madeleine, Bea, James White

In the White Horse with Madeleine Willis

Clockwise: Bea, James White, Walt Willis, Vince Clarke, Madeleine Willis, Chuck Harris

unknown, Bert Campbell, Bill Harding, Bea, unknown.