E.R. James then gave a short talk on his experiences with editors, titled 'Letters from Editors.' in which he quoted from letters he had received from Ted Carnell, Walter Gillings, and several American, editors, criticising. work he had submitted to them.

1: Mavis Pickles, 2: Dave Wood, 3:Fred Fairless, 4: Terry Jeeves, 5: Bert High, 6: Arthur Duell. (tj)

Leslie Cureton gave a short but very balanced resume of the work on England by people who were studying Dianetics, and the results they had achieved. After these talks there was a general discussion of the whole field from the floor of the hall, when many interesting and thought provoking ideas were put forward.

7: Frank Simpson, 8: E.R. James, 9:Eric Bentcliffe, 10: Arthur Duell, 11: Ken Potter, 12: Peter Sowerby,
13: Dave Cohen, 14: Norman Weedall 15: Frank Richards. (tj)

At 3.30 a session of Twenty Questions was held; four teams came forward and the answers and guesses at the answers provided great amusement for the audience. The winners were given small prizes of magazines.

Front row: unknowns, Mike Rosenblum. Second row: Bill Jesson, Rik Dalton, Max Leviten.
Third Row: Mavis Pickles, J. Mawson, Leslie Cureton, J.C. Park. Fourth row: Alec Dicpetris,
Don McCormick, Douglas Firth, Donald Towers. (jmr)

Then the auction was held, conducted with tremendous vigour, determination and wit by Capt. Slater. Total receipts were about £7, including the proceeds of the raffle of 'Dreadful Sanctuary'.

View of the exhibit from landing above. (jmr)

After tea a mass visit was made to the exhibition by about 30 fen. Unfortunately many were unable to return to see the film as they had to catch early trains. All expressed their surprise at the scope and size of the displays.

At 7 p.m. the film 'Metropolis' was shown, a remarkably good copy of such an old film, and although on a very ancient 9.5 mm machine very clear and free from jerkiness. When the film ended there was a burst of loud and spontaneous applause from the audience. By now it was after 9 o'clock and most of the people still in the hall had to be making their way home. By 9.30 the hall was cleared and tidied, and the first postwar North of England Convention had ended.

Detail of 15 year old Dave Wood,
at his first convention. (tj)